Dragon Con "tips"

Wherein the author shares some of the tips and tricks he's accumulated over many years of attending Dragon Con.

"Look at the code" considered harmful

Wherein the author takes issue with the idea that client developers should expect to read through server code.

Tmuxing around

Wherein the author discusses a big tool in his day-to-day workflow.

Choices, choices, choices

Wherein the author muses on making choices in different environments and scenarios.

Open Letter to Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street

Wherein the author posts a longer message than Twitter can handle to note frustration and seek the reasons behind that frustration.


Quote regarding the 2012 Presidential Election

Wherein the author quotes Rachel Maddow such that he can remember this and possibly refer to it later.

The day I quit

Time is a limited resource. Through hard work, cleve investing you can always get more money. Money brings power and other worldly things. Money can also bring you friends (though not actual friendship) but nothing in this world gives you more time.

So, today I am quitting one of the major time sinks in my life: RSS news feeds. I spend quite a bit of time each day trying to keep myself informed about a wide variety of topics: gaming, politics, finance, media, geek culture and a few other random things. Today I am voluntarily opting for time over knowledge.


I'm pretty sure very few people visit this site, but for those who do I'm doing a little work on it and migrating from Wordpress to Drupal. Please pardon the dust.

Google code examples gone wrong

Wherein the author publishes the correct way to do things for the benefit of the community and his own failing memory.

Never forget your history

Wherein the author writes something down so he doesn't have to remember in order to help him the next time he realises bash has forgotten something important.


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